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Areas of Practice

Dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis case is a condition where the client is diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and a chemical dependency. Often the client uses the drugs to self-medicate. Therefore, in court, the attorney must prove that the chemical dependency is not the cause of the disability. For example, the real problem may be depression, and the chemical dependency or alcohol is not the root cause of the depression. These cases can sometimes be difficult to get approved, but Graff Law Office will take them on, while some other attorneys will not.

On The Record Decisions

Should we find your case to be exceptionally strong, we will work to have it approved without waiting for a hearing. This process is known as 'On The Record Review' (OTR). We work to detail all the medical records previously submitted to social security and obtain support from the primary physician or specialist. Then we request the hearing office to review your file, or record, prior to the hearing date. If the medical evidence is compelling enough, the case can be won.

Graff Law Office Incorporated has had a 97% success rate with On The Record decisions. We are one of the very few law offices that are willing to take this extra step to have your case approved in a timelier manner.