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Areas of Practice

At Graff Law, we solely focus on Social Security Disability cases. From the administrative process of gathering information and building your case, all the way to the Federal Court system; we care only about you and your case.

Many other firms only take on the cases they think are strong and an easy win. We take on social security cases of all types, and work hard to develop your case by helping to obtain your medical records and get supporting opinions from your doctors. Since we know what a financially difficult position you are in, if your case isn't approved, you don't pay a thing.

We handle both types of cases: Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We also take on the cases with difficult diagnosis including dual diagnosis cases where chemical dependency is an issue.

Additionally, after accessing your files and analyzing your case, if it appears strong enough, we will apply for an On the Records Decision. If approved, you do not have to wait for a hearing before a judge to get approved. We do this despite the fact that it means we get paid less than we would if we waited for a hearing. This is because we know the difficulties you are having because we have 'Walked in Your Shoes'.